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We can get your facility built quick because we know what the cities want. We’re incredibly responsive and our project management practices ensure schedules and budgets are maintained. Some other aspects of our firm that ensure your facility is completed properly:

  • We have relationships with dozens of local contractors and know which provide the most value and professional service
  • We’ve worked on dozens of cannabis facilities so we know how to create proper project plans
  • We do proper consultations with the owners and investors to ensure all their needs are met
  • We know how the regulatory bodies influence construction so we can plan around it
  • We know how to manage a budget and ensure costs don’t skyrocket
  • We’re incredibly responsive and answer phone calls and emails within 24 hours

Reducing Cannabis Facility Construction Costs

With all of the electrical, mechanical, and specific design requirements, cannabis facilities can get expensive fast. Having a designer and engineer who can reduce your costs can be the difference between a successful start-up and a failed operation. For a facility that may require 7 million dollars in startup costs, we can likely reduce it to five. 

We can help you save 50% of the costs of your cooling infrastructure

For the average size cannabis facility, duct work and the corresponding structural enhancements your facility requires will likely cost around 800 thousand dollars. Ventilation represents a significant portion of startup costs and we’ve designed a system that completely eliminates the need for duct work and expensive rooftop units that require structural reinforcement.

Our innovative system uses high velocity diffusors and large fans to cool the air. It’s a design we’ve yet to see elsewhere and it results in our clients saving massively: both on construction costs and future operational costs. Using our system can likely yield you a 50% reduction in your startup ventilation costs.

Award Winning Turnkey Solutions

With experience in hundreds of commercial, and industrial facilities spanning millions of square feet across the globe, we design, engineer and integrate complex equipment systems into high-performance facilities. We're honored to be recognized by our peers in our respective industries for best-in-class solutions.


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